Our equipment

High standards, fine-tuned to bespoke perfection.

We have everything we need to carry out your project with cutting-edge technology – and if anything should be missing, we’ll make it in-house: special tools we may need to handle your specific requirements being just one example. For jigs & fixtures and specifically adapted inspection/testing mechanisms, we use equally bespoke approaches to produce automation solutions for machines and equipment. Our portfolio includes complementary services such as milling/turning/wire eroding combined with the capabilities of our in-house stamping department. This allows you to place the responsibility – from the initial idea through to execution – into the hands of a single expert source. Understanding the importance this responsibility entails, you can rely on us to serve you with utmost commitment to quality – including cost efficiency, constructive proposals, fine-tuning and on-time delivery – from small to medium volumes, from the prototype/sampling stage through to regular production.